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Study visit of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on water resources to SSP 25.06.2013 to 28.06.2013 Kevadia dam site and Vadodara
Insurance Committee for SSPH Meeting 20.07.13 Kevadia


As per decision taken in the 74th meeting of SSCAC held on 27th September 2006 regarding Insurance Coverage of Sardar Sarovar Power Project, an Empowered Committee was constituted under the Chairmanship of Executive Member, NCA consisting of members nominated by the Party States as well as Central Electricity Authority (CEA) and NCA, with Secretary (SSCAC), as its Member Secretary. The Committee held three meetings between February 2007 & June 2007 wherein Insurance Companies also gave their presentations. After detailed discussions and deliberations among the members, a consensus decision was arrived at. As per requirement, the Committee submitted its report along with the recommendations on the total sum to be insured and the best option to be selected in the interest of the project. The recommendations of the Committee were discussed in the 75th SSCAC Meeting and the Committee decided that Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy i.e. Fire + RSMD (Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage) + Earthquake + Terrorism + STFI (Storm, Tornado, Flood, Inundation) without loss of production and without machinery breakdown may be taken up for Sardar Sarovar Power Project. Total sum to be insured is Rs.1797 Crores. The insurance premium is sharable by the three party States (GOMP/GOM/GOG) in the ratio of 57:27:16.


The Garudeshwar Weir is located about 12.1 km D/S of Sardar Sarovar Dam. The main purpose is to provide live storage of 34.36 MCM of water to store discharge released by turbines in generation mode. The stored water in Garudeshwar Weir will be utilized during pumping mode operations of River Bed Power House.

In 73rd SSCAC meeting held on 3rd Aug. 2005 approved the estimate and DTP for construction of Garudeshwar Weir amounting to Rs. 288.13 crores. In 101st PSC of SSCAC meeting held on 8th June 2011discussed the revised estimate cost of Rs. 426.13 crores at price level 2010-11.

In 79th SSCAC meeting held on 16.03.2012 has approved the construction of Garudeshwar Weir for estimated cost Rs.438.18 crores and work has been awarded to lowest bidder M/s. Rithwik Projects Private Limited, Hyderabad. SSNNL has issued work order to the agency on 4.5.2012 for Rs. 299,43,36,391.50 (23.0884% below the estimated cost) to complete in 48 months.

SSCAC during the meeting of 104th PSC of SSCAC held on 23.08.2012 has advised SSNNL/GOG to prepare a CPM/CERT chart of important activities for construction of Garudeshwar Weir and submit a monthly progress report showing critical activities.

The work of construction of Garudeshwar Weir has been started by the agency on 08.12.2013.


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